Award Winning Taxidermist

Do’s & Dont’s

© Chris Lacy
  1. When killing a game in velvet, DO NOT grab the antlers to move or take pictures, and do not wrap your fingers around them. Velvet will scar easily.
  2. The same thing applies to red hair (summer coat) deer. Be extremely careful not to handle it roughly, or the hair may slip off, making for a poor mount. DO NOT drag the game if you want it mounted. Drag marks show up easily. After gutting your game, start at the last rib, and cut on each side of the flank until your knife hits the spine. Cut hard around until cutting through, or use a saw. Pack each half separately. Take full care of the cape as you would the meat.
  3. Antelope hides re very sensitive to heat. They must be skinned and cooled down immediately. Their hair is hollow and slips easily.
  4. Keep the hide as cool as possible. When transporting, NEVER EVER put hide in a plastic bag. Use a cloth game bag instead.
DO NOT go down the highway with your game exposed to the sun, whether you have it in the back of a truck, or in an enclosed vehicle. DO NOT get home and leave your game in your garage and give us a call a week later. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper field and home care.